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Vitamin D: how to get informed in times of Coronavirus

Does Vitamin D influence the evolution of the coronavirus disease? Does it protect against Covid-19? Is vitamin D a great ally against the coronavirus? What is the relationship of this element with viral diseases? These days, there are many questions that revolve around the relationship between vitamin D and the new coronavirus. In fact, there are some studies and experts who have indicated that this vitamin could be key against the coronavirus, as well as others, on the contrary, they argue that neither sunbathing nor this vitamin protects against it.

The truth is that they are not contradictory, since it could help the disease to pass in a milder way, but not protect against infection. In fact, according to a Spanish study, 80% of patients admitted with Covid-19 in Spain suffer from a lack of vitamin D. This lack of vitamin could be a common factor among people with a more serious condition of coronavirus who require hospitalization.

This deficiency is not produced now because of this new disease, but, in recent years, an increase in the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency has been observed in the general population, which not only affects adults, but also children. A deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to other diseases, such as osteomalacia, osteoporosis and fractures, neurological diseases, cancer and diabetes, among others. Knowing the benefits and problems that its deficiency can cause is as important as knowing where to find that information, which must be truthful.

Precisely for this reason, the book published in Alcalá Editorial Formation: "Vitamin D, more than a vitamin" takes on special importance. The work is written by Sonia Pérez San Martín, a graduate in Chemical and Biochemical Sciences, and Laura Gómez Fernández, a graduate in Biological Sciences, and has the objective of making it clear what is the metabolism of vitamin D, the biological effects it has and its nutritional status.

It is a perfect work to acquire new knowledge about this vitamin and become aware of the importance it has for our physical well-being, at a time when it seems to influence the evolution of the Covid-19 disease.