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Alfredo Vela, one of the 100 best influencers of 2020 according to Forbes

It was a few years ago that the word "influencer" first appeared in the Spanish vocabulary. At first, it was difficult for many people to understand exactly what they did, but over time, this "profession" has become so ingrained in society that even some children say that, when they grow up, they want to be influencers. The clearest definition is that it is a person who has a certain credibility on a specific topic and, due to his presence and influence on social networks, can become an interesting prescriber for a brand.

In fact, there are several magazines that echo the best influencers, both from Spain and from the rest of the world. Among them is Forbes Magazine, specialized in the world of business and finance, which a few days ago published a list of "The 100 best influencers 2020".

Precisely on this list is Alfredo Vela, author of the book How to look for work in social networks (and without them) that was published with our publishing house Formación Alcalá. Something that is mentioned in the description of the author in the magazine. Vela is a management informatics technician and has developed his career in the field of business training (information and communication technologies and RR SS marketing).

In addition, during the confinement, he created the event consultancy in digital format eEvents Live, to convert face-to-face events into digital ones. He is also director of Social Media TICs and Training S.L. Currently, it has more than 165.7 thousand followers on Twitter, 4,000 on Instagram and close to 2,000 on Facebook.