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10.000 in health

This is the ISBN that Formación Alcalá in its Editorial line has signed these days since the beginning of 2000 when it registered the first of them, as it appears in the Spanish ISBN Agency of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Sport.

To commemorate this, a Manual has been produced that also aims to be a reference for Family and Community Nursing, scientifically endorsed by the Federation of Associations of Community Nursing and Primary Care (FAECAP), which recognizes the health interest for Family and Community Nurses in the publication of more 1.500 pages and where 43 professionals have participated distributed throughout the national geography.

Formación Alcalá has a national distribution through Grupo Editor RCA through UDL through which it serves bookstores especially and internationally through several distributors that serve in Latin America (except Venezuela), the United States and Portugal.

Along with this editorial line, the company has e-learning education with more than 2.700 courses and 125 masters and university experts where it has provided training to more than 260.000 students.