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A current vision.

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Review of the work

At present, giving an exact figure for the number of tendon-related injuries is difficult, as most consultations are diagnosed as soft tissue pain. In this thesis, the tendon is approached from an anatomical point of view (microstructure and macrostructure), the risk factors, the epidemiology and the different pathoetiological models used are presented, etc. Finally, different techniques used for the treatment of tendinopathies (physical agents, pharmacotherapy and nutrition) are exposed.


Verdejo Herrero, Alberto

Verdejo Herrero, Alberto. Graduated in physiotherapy from the Catholic University of San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) in 2010, in addition, he is a specialist in manipulative physiotherapy and related therapies. He served as the only physiotherapist in the XXXV Spanish Children's Tennis Championship held in the province of Almería. He is currently the physiotherapist and director of the Verdejo Physiotherapy Center in Almería.

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